Sunday, January 13, 2013


True friends

*Each friend brings their own identity to the relationship.

*Friends support one another rather than acting as a care takers.

*A true friend honors each friend’s friendship with others.

*A true friend encourages their friend to become the person God wants them to be.

*A true friend views differences as gifts rather than annoyances.

*True friends are honest and truthful.  They want the best for their friend.  While they may need to share hard truths at times, they share humbly in view of their own problems with sin, in order for the other person to grow.

*A true friend will encourage another, without manipulating for their own self interest.

*A true friendship honors and respects the boundaries of each other.

*In a true friendship, wise communication and trust are necessary;  avoiding  gossip, criticism, competitiveness, jealousy, etc.

*A true friend forgives.  Being bitter and keeping a record of wrongs will not be the mark of a true friend.

*True friends have conflicts, but each are willing to take responsibility for their role, instead of blaming others.

*A true friendship will respect and understand differences of opinion, and allows others to make their own decisions.

*True friends will honor, encourage, and love each other.

*A true friend will give you time and space that you need.  They will give you time to pause and reflect before responding.  They won’t interrupt or pressure you.  They will also allow you to choose not to respond without hard feelings.

*A true friend will avoid lying about themselves, their friends, or any circumstances or conflicts they find themselves in.

*In a true friendship, both parties treat each other as they would want to be treated, are quick to apologize and/or to extend forgiveness.

What do you think are the marks of a true friend? What would you add to this list?  Do you think you are a good friend?  In what ways do you think you can improve?


~Karen~ said...

Just adding that no one can meet everything on this list. It's not really about finding this kind of true friend, but being this kind of true friend.
It is also an example of what the majority of your friendships should be like.
Again, no one person can keep to everything on this list. That is why apologies and forgiveness are so important.
For many of us, our spouse is the one who is a true friend. Of course, there is one true Friend on whom you can always rely.

OliveTree said...

These are great points about friendship, Karen! It's encouraging to read.At our worst, we women can sometimes act like teenage girls with our close friends, so this is a great reminder!

I like what you say about giving space and time and respecting boundaries, also encouraging and rejoicing over other friendships!