Saturday, January 12, 2013

The holidays are over

Well, sort of, anyway.  Here in Ukraine, there is one more holiday - "Old New Year" on Monday.  It is a leftover from when they used a different calendar, but people still celebrate it.

Since we don't celebrate Old New Year, we took our tree down today.  We did pretty good leaving it up until Ukrainian Christmas was over.  I was ready to take it down and get the living room back in order.

The colds and flu are here in Ukraine too.  I started not feeling so well on New Years Eve day.  I felt better over the weekend, and then felt sick again on Tuesday.  Hubby was sick, and dear daughter was fighting a cold the past week.  I've had hardly any energy, just taking down the tree, putting stuff away, cleaning up, and moving stuff around drained me.  I'm trying to eat healthier, and except for the potato chips and some chocolate, I've been doing pretty well!  I'm adding more fresh fruit and veggies to my diet, and eating less junk.

Now that the Christmas season is over, we got some goodies from the US, via one of our returning teammates!  The goodies actually came from my parents and sisters.  A new calendar, some Itunes cards for dear daughter, warm socks, and some candy we can't get here.  We love getting goodies from the states!

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