Friday, June 8, 2012

Where I live Part II

The balcony office where Doug does his work for now.  There is also a window on the same wall as the corkboard.

 Part of the bathroom- this is the sink and tub room.  There is another little room alongside this one that has the toilet and the water heater.

 Our kitchen.  The stove is double the size, which we did not get by choice, as it was here when we moved in.  Then again I also don't have put my cookie sheets in the oven slant-wise like those with smaller ovens!
The other side of our kitchen. 

Living room seating area.

Living room shelves.  The TV is behind the closed doors.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Where I live - Part I

 Our crazy cat Simba sitting behind our recliner!  I think he is happy we are back.

Some of the plants on our window sill.  I'm really enjoying our budding African violet!

The play ground right outside our building.  It's quiet for now, but later it will be busy and noisy with kids playing.

Our dining area in our living room. 

 My clothes dryer!  Actually we have a Maytag but it is getting kind of weak, so I dry my clothes on the rack out on the enclosed balcony and send them through the electric dryer to fluff them up.

Our bedroom.  The rooms are fairly small, so it is hard to get a good photo.  There are also two dressers and a bookshelf on the other wall, and a door and window to the balcony office on the other side!

More to come in Part II...