Thursday, March 22, 2012


I don't like waiting.

I'm trying to get over being impatient.  Trying to remember that I'm not on my own timetable.

We're waiting on documents from overseas so that we can apply for our visas.

It seems that this time around, there has been so many delays!

We are preparing to go.  Packing boxes to ship.  Packing some plastic containers for storage here.  Starting to pack suitcases, or planning what needs to go in them.

We're waiting on purchasing our plane tickets until we get our documents and are able to apply for our visas. 

Earlier on this extended furlough, when we felt we need to stay here in the US longer, we spent about $300 to get our tickets changed, and then later lost the other half of our round trip tickets. 

So we wait.

I remember that we're on God's timetable.  We are serving Him, so we can wait patiently.

I'm still learning. :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

To renew or not to renew

Boy, if I ever felt like a real wooly-head, it was today.

My drivers license was due for renewal this year.  I was sure it said 2012.  I looked at it more than once. Yep, 2012

So I make an appointment with the DMV.  Get all my documents to prove I am me and I live where I live.   GPS says it will take 15 minutes to get there.  I don't think they account for red lights, because it took me 25 minutes.

I wait my turn.  When I'm called to come up to the desk, I give the lady at the desk my paperwork.  Then I take the eye test.  When I got my license way back when, I didn't need glasses, but I have glasses now.  So I take the eye exam without glasses at first.  I couldn't make out the jibberish on line 5.  So I definitely need my glasses to drive.

The need for glasses becomes more apparent when she stops my eye exam and says, "Wait, what are we doing here?"

I reply, "Renewing my drivers license."

"Your license is good until 2017."

I had to check to make sure.  It does say 2017!

I think I am going to have someone else double check before I renew something else.  Like my passport.  It is good until 2017 also!