Friday, December 28, 2012

Good News

We have some good news to share!  Doug and I received our temporary residence permits with the necessary stamps last week!  We could not get a "family reunion" visa for our daughter until we had our TRPs.  We then took a bus out of the country on Dec 26 to get Katie her visa, which we received a little earlier in the day than we expected.  We had a little more running around to do this time - we left her document photos on the desk back in Odessa, we had to buy Ukrainian health insurance for her, and we needed a document to prove that we have the means to support her.  This was all in addition to running to the bank to pay for the visa.

We also enjoyed a little time together, with delicious pizza at a highly recommended pizza place, and just relaxing and playing a game together in the evening.

We are also very thankful for God's protection on the roads.  While the snow was melting here in Odessa, there was snow still on the ground in Moldova.  Coming back this morning the roads were slick.  The bus driver helped get a car out of a ditch, and after we were in the taxi headed to our apartment here, there was a car flipped on the main road coming from downtown!

So while we still need to go through the temporary residence process with her, we can relax a bit about the whole thing and be more involved in ministry!

What a mighty God we serve!!

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OliveTree said...

That's great that you got your temporary permits! I know what a lot of work bureaucracy can be! Blessings to you as you end the year.