Saturday, August 4, 2012

A short trip to the US

We made the decision this week to make a trip to the US.  We've been having difficulties with getting letters and permissions necessary in order to be able to get a visa.  Our 90 day visa free stay was running out.  We also ran into a problem with apartment documents - documents that are needed in order to get temporary residence after we get our visas.  Within the last several months it seemed that things were very uncertain.  So we got the permissions necessary to make a trip to the US.  If nothing else, we needed to get away just to get a clearer perspective from our Lord.

In the hours after finalizing our plans to make this trip, we found out our invitation letters were ready and would be available in 3 days!

We still have the apartment document issue unresolved, so we continue to pray about how soon to get visas in order to be able to return.

(edited to add)

So we are in Pennsylvania currently, staying with my family, enjoying a bit of a break and some beautiful weather.

We appreciate continued prayers for us!

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Phyllis said...

Have a nice trip! I'm still praying for your visa situation.