Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Silly stuff

We're back in Ukraine.  This wooly head is going through jetlag.  I didn't sleep well the first night, but the last few nights I've been sleeping better, thanks to help from melatonin. 

When I feel like I can't think clearly, in the past week I've been calling it "plane brain."

The last night before leaving, we ate at a diner/restaurant, and asked for plain apple pie for dessert.  The waitress repeated my order, "One apple plain."

Wait, did she say an "apple plane?"   We had fun with that one.

Even those who weren't traveling by plane had an attack of plane brain. My parents and brother-in-law, on the way home from the airport, drove through The Big Apple. Then on the way back to PA, they saw a chinese restaurant where they might eat.  My father saw the name of the restaurant as "The Human Taste".

See, it's not just me.  And it's not just plane brain.  Some of it is just plane fun!


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