Monday, February 6, 2012

Memories of those support raising years

When we started our effort in building a support team so that we could go to Ukraine, our kids were 6 and 3. 

The down side
I remember feeling very tired, and never getting a break.  We were homeschooling, and even though at that time it was just Kindergarten, I also had to keep a 3-year-old occupied.   Since it took 5 years for us to build our support team, by the end of those 5 years I had a 4th grader and and 1st grader.  The hardest part for me, was schooling from Monday to Friday, and having meetings most weekends.  It mean that having any kind of break from school, or just to have a "Sabbath" rest, was impossible.  I tried to do a 4 day school week, but it was kind of impossible.  We could be traveling home on a Monday, or leaving for a weekend meeting on a Friday.  On Wednesdays we were either helping with Awana if we were at our home church or sharing our ministry that evening at another church.  I probably stayed home from a meeting possibly once or twice over those years.  So we were very busy, and I was just trying to keep up.

The up side
The best part of that time was making new friendships, new relationships that continue to bless us.  Even though that time of our life was exhausting and frustrating at times, I do see the blessings of that time.  Our family also travelled together, spent alot of time together, stopping to see the sights and some amusement parks.  We also enjoyed extra time with my parents, my husband's parents, and our sisters and brothers families.


Jolene said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comment on my blog! It is cold here, but we are keeping it all in perspective... Spring is right after winter! :-)

Jolene said...

I just want to thank you for the comments you have been leaving on my blog. You have been so encouraging!