Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You know you live in Ukraine...

I posted this in October 2009 on my previous blog.  Enjoy!

How you know you live in Ukraine

1. You rejoice when you have hot water

2 Actually, anytime you have water is good

3.The same rejoicing happens when the electricity works, or comes back on after being off!

4. Hot tea with honey cures EVERYTHING

5. You have been yelled at by the babushka for not wearing enough clothes

6. Or not having a hat on your head

7. Thirty minute walks are considered normal commuting time

8. Six flights of stairs is really not that bad

9.You sweat to death on a bus because someone closed a window in the middle of summer

10. Drafts will kill you,


12. Being packed like sardines on a marshrutka van is normal

13. Dried fish – it is stalking you, everywhere you go

14. You are more concerned about dirt on your shoes than your top and bottom matching

15. Fireworks, a nightly occurrence

16. People don’t seem to understand this concept of punctuality

17. There is an art to walking in mud.

18.  Drinking hot tea out of a thin plastic cup is completely normal.

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OliveTree said...

This is hilarious. I can relate to some of the items on your list: #10 and 11 for sure!